Making a Claim

Making a Claim

We realize that emergencies happen when you least expect them and there are times when contacting your broker can't wait until the next business day. Whether or not your call results in a claim, we'll give you the help, advice and direction you need. We can arrange alternative accommodations and transportation and even source and dispatch a qualified trades-person such as a plumber or electrician to offer immediate assistance.

During regular business hours (Monday to Friday between 8:00am and 5:00pm) please call the Cain Insurance office directly to report a claim. You can reach us at 506-459-3000.

Outside of our regular office hours, please report the claim directly to your insurance company (the company name will be noted on your pink liability slip or on your property insurance policy). These claims hotlines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When you do report a claim please be sure to send us all relevant information about the incident in your loss. This will save time and ensure your claim is processed promptly and accurately.

Cain Insurance

Dan Cain: (506) 451-5692

Luke Cain: (506) 461-3244

Here is the information we need:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Circumstance of the incident
  • Date and time of the incident
  • List of damages
  • Any other relevant information

Remember to Include:

    • Your preferred means of communication for contact and follow-up (phone, fax, email)
    • Your daytime telephone number
    • Your home telephone number

    Insurance Company Hotlines

    Company Phone Alternate Phone
    Aviva / Elite/Traders 866-692-8482 1-866-692-8482
    Economical 800-278-9639 1-800-607-2424
    Pembridge 800-561-7222 1-800-561-7222
    Insurance Company of PEI 866-404-2734 1-877-566-1880
    Dominion 800-565-1322 1-800-661-5522
    Northbridge 800-565-1089 1-855-621-6262
    Zurich 1-866 345 3454 1-866 345 3454
    Travelers 1-514-875-0600 800-238-6225
    RSA 1-800-201-0835 1-800-319-9993