Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

Our commercial insurance division has succeeded through a reputation built up over 30 years and a commitment to outstanding client services. We provide insurance that is aggressively priced, comprehensive and cost effective.

If you're looking for an insurance program to protect your business, our experts can put together a comprehensive and cost-effective program tailored for your specific needs.

We are committed to a level of client service that sets the standard. Our team is available to respond quickly to any claims emergencies. Providing around-the-clock service to ensure any claim is settled fairly is a critical part of our commitment to clients.

Business is about relationships. We've established strong partnerships with some of the world's largest and most trusted insurance providers, including Aviva, Economical, Pembridge, Insurance Company of PEI, Dominion, Northbridge, Zurich, Travellers and RSA.

We take the risk out of risk management.