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Frequently Asked Questions

Auto Insurance

How Much Is Enough Liability Insurance?
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Liability insurance is mandatory, but you can adjust the level to make sure your needs are met. Ask your broker for more information about liability insurance and how to obtain the right level of coverage.

What Do I Need To Get An Insurance Quote?
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Whether you are transferring your insurance from another province, seeking to change insurers or owning a car for the fi rst time, the process of getting an insurance quote can be daunting. In general, the more the insurer knows about you and your driving record the better off you will be, even if your record is less than perfect. Full disclosure at the beginning will save any risk of is representation if you do need to make a claim in the future.

Home Insurance

How Does My Policy Really Work?

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Contains definitions that explain a few of the major building blocks of
home insurance.

What To Do If My Home Is Unoccupied?
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Your insurer considers an unoccupied dwelling riskier than an
occupied one. Depending on how long you are away from your home, you need to make arrangements to ensure your dwelling is checked regularly and you may need to inform your insurer.

How Do I Choose The Right Policy For My Home?
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Make sure you purchase a policy that reflects the unique qualities of your home, its contents and the people who live there. Your home should be insured from the
moment you take legal ownership – even if it is under construction. Your broker's expertise is particularly useful at this stage when you really need to match policy features with needs.

Does Having A Home Business Affect My Insurance?
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The short answer is yes, and the best way to know what is covered is to talk to your broker. More and more people are starting home-based businesses, for everything from marketing home-made products to keeping a home office for a consulting business. From an insurer's perspective this adds new types of risk to your home, and therefore, may require additional insurance.

High Value Items
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Knowing the value of the contents of your home is vital to being properly insured. Your broker can help you find the tools and resources you need. Take the time to ensure that your most precious things are protected.

General Insurance

What Is Insurance And Why Do I Need It?
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Insurance has many forms and functions but really just one purpose – to provide peace-of-mind. Your broker can tell you more about the basics of insurance and can help you make sure your needs are covered.

How Can I Reduce The Effects Of Fraud?
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Insurance fraud affects you, and you can help to reduce it.

Why Use An Insurance Broker?
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Your broker works for you, not the insurance company. They are at your side when you buy or upgrade your insurance or if you have to make a claim. Finding a broker who understands your needs is an important first step to being properly insured. Take the time to find someone you feel comfortable with.

How Can I Minimize My Insurance Costs?
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Brokers can help fi nd ways to control your premiums and still get the coverage you need. Nobody likes to pay insurance premiums so any chance to control or reduce cost is welcome. Your broker can help you minimize premiums by helping to defi ne your insurance needs and by shopping around for the best policy.

Making a claim
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How you make your claim is as important as what you claim. The right time to make a claim is immediately or as soon as you are able.